Adult baby and diaper humiliation

Oh my lord, I’m reading a book about John Lennon written by his best friend Pete Shotton, and it is just the cutest thing in the world.

And apparently, John literally pissed his pants with laughter, right in the headmaster’s office. “As he was wont to do in such desperate situations.” A regular occurrence, maybe? He was at least thirteen years old. Oh my God oh my God oh my God. He’s my little baby. *flails desperately*

I think my girlfriend is slowly but surely getting more okay with the whole infantilistic aspect of ageplay. Like, one of our favorite things to talk about is a certain musician as a sissy little baby slut, and today, she actually brought up his wife feeding him baby food. It was actually pretty hot too, because she made it in front of his business associates in public. And then, bam, bib. *shivers*

I’m quite excited. It took a bit of time for her to get past the mental block of it seeming pedophilic, but I think now, she’s really coming to embrace the humiliating, BDSM aspects of infantilism. Maybe in due time, she’ll be okay with diapers too.

But it any case, I’m super happy. I really like this girl, you guys. Now we only need to be in the country… (Could we even manage the same city? Because that would just be ecstasy.)

What is the name of the comic?

Dammit, sorry, I just noticed that my answer didn’t show up. Not that it was a good answer. I don’t know the name of the comic, sorry.