Adult baby and diaper humiliation

No and no.

No and no.

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Can you post/recommend some good ab girl stories that are non sexual but still humiliating

Hmm, I’ll have to go through my collection. I’ll post if I find them! I usually gravitate toward sexual. :)

A story by Crash! Thanks for sharing!

Mommy was deeply involved in her book. She licked her finger to turn the page when a troublesome thought intruded on her. She frowned, marked her spot, and looked up.

“Jonesey?” she called out. Jonesey was just as equally absorbed in a complicated domino construction, working on a particularly complicated bit involving a rolling marble and a collapsing tower, so he did not immediately answer. Unperturbed, Mommy stretched, set her book down on the table, and stood up. “Jonesey,” she said, more sternly this time.

He looked up, accidentally knocking down a portion of his epically thought out domino set. He grumped a bit, and Mommy smiled. “Jonesey,” she asked, “Have you been sneaking off to the potty?” Jonesey averted his gaze.

“No,” he said, unconvincingly.

“You wouldn’t be lying to me, now would you?”

He considered his options. “No?” he replied, shifting awkwardly in his rhino pajamas. Mommy’s eyes slitted. “So you haven’t poo’d in oh, four days?”

Jonesey rolled the marble back and forth for a second, then set about rebuilding the tower portion of his construction. Mommy sighed at his insolence, then walked over and set off the whole chain. “HEY!” Jonesey said. It knocked down quite wonderfully and both watched the chain explode down the line.

Mommy reached down and helped him out of his play pen. “I’m afraid then, darling, we’ll have to help things along.” She held his hand as he laid down on his changing table.

“What do you mean?” he asked warily. Shifting him to take off his pajama bottoms, it was Mommy’s turn to ignore baby.

“Bottom up,” she instructed, and he obliged. She pulled his jammies down to his feet and unfastened his diaper. She opened the top drawer of the changing table and pulled out an enema kit.

“Uh oh,” said Jonesey, and Mommy smiled, reading the box. Following instructions, she applied the cap and pressed it against baby’s bottom. Jonesey squeezed his eyes tightly as Mommy filled his bottom up with the solution. She quickly followed up by popping in an anal plug. Jonesey opened his eyes and found Mommy offering him his tigger. He held onto it tightly and cautiously started to suck his thumb. Mommy went back to reading the box.

“It says here that it should take five to ten minutes to work,” she tells him, “But I think we should try for fifteen just to make sure it works.” Jonesey popped his thumb out and asked “But what if I have to go sooner?” Mommy tapped the anal plug and looked at him knowingly. Jonesey groaned and stared at the ceiling. Setting an alarm, Mommy refastened his diaper, pulled up his pajama bottoms, and helped him back into his play pen. She sat down in the rocker and got back to reading, humming happily to herself, but Jonesey suddenly didn’t feel like playing dominoes anymore. He squeezed his tigger and laid down to watch the fan spin. After a few minutes, he had to go.

“Mommy?” he called out.

“Yes?” she said, looking up.

“What if I have to go sooner?”

“We’ve been over this before,” she responded, returning to her book. He sighed and wiggled restlessly. Only a few more minutes went by before he had to ask again.

“Mommy,” he said, impatiently, “what if I have to go NOW?”

Mommy frowned and checked the time. “Not yet, honey. Soon. Do you want some water?” He did. She left the room and returned with a baby bottle filled with water.

“Sippy cup?” he asked questioningly, and she shook her head.

“Those are for big boys who go to the potty on the regular my love.”

Baby turned bright red. He was getting frustrated. He took the bottle anyway and furiously sucked down the water. He threw tigger out of the play pen, and Mommy looked up, alarmed.

“NOW?” he demanded more than asked. She checked the clock again. “Not just yet. And don’t get insolent with me young man.”

He stood up, then thought better of it and laid back down, wishing he had not thrown his tigger. He counted sheep. He counted clouds. He watched the fan spin. He watched his Mommy reading. Time went by rather slowly for poor baby.

Finally, the alarm went off, and Mommy turned it off, surprised. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she asked, standing up and helping him out of his play pen. After laying him down on the changing table, she asked him if he’d like to use the potty like a big boy.

“YES!” He answered, practically jumping off the table and running to the bathroom.

“Hold on!” she laughed, carefully unfastening his diaper. “Hold on tightly so you don’t poo on Mommy, OK?” She slowly took out the anal plug and Jonesey quickly toddled to the bathroom. He barely made it.

If I send you a decent-ish kinky ab story, will you post it on here?


Baby sloths get potty trained!