Sometime in the last two days, I reached one thousand followers, and then quickly surpassed that. So to celebrate, my mommy made the cutest new theme for my Tumblr! Thanks, everybody! I’ll try to come up with an even better surprise when I have the time! <3

Man, I hate my job. I haven’t done a thing except answer phones for over an hour. It smells like something died in the walls. I feel like I’m wasting my life here, and I’m so stressed out, all the time.

I realized today that I look and feel my best when I’m not stressing about money. And I don’t make money here. I make minimum wage, which is not even enough to live on. I make less than $1000 a month for a full-time job, how fucked up is that? I’m incredibly dependent on my parents, which I despise. I just wish I could make a living by writing. That’s all I want.

I’m trying to gauge reaction to this, so please answer and be honest. If I started writing stories on commission, would anyone be interested? I know it’s the Internet and you can find anything you ever want for free, but my stories will be quality, and if commissioned, then it’ll be tailored to your tastes. I was also toying with the idea of making audio files for sale, both from the POV of little and mommy, same or opposite sex relationships. I think they could be really good. 

Because really, I want to get out of this 9-5 workday and into something that makes life worth living. I’ve been thinking a lot about going to grad school, something I can’t afford to do. I’m dying to move from South Carolina, be with my mommy in New York. I really just want to have a better life, and this may be the way to do it.